Good News, Bad News

I was reading through the afternoon headlines today on one of my favorite blogs, The Morning News, and one link led to another and suddenly I was on a Yahoo! News page. I don’t know if the world just woke up this morning and decided to be an awful place or if Yahoo! simply couldn’t help themselves and decided to post every sad and scary news story at once in favor of increasing their page views and revenue by the¬†sheer¬†power of anxiety-inducing news (wait, scratch that – we all know it’s the latter), but the list of news stories was… not pretty.

I actually typed out links to some of the stories for you before managing to accidentally delete the whole thing, so I think this may have been God’s way of telling me to spare you the trauma. To give you a general idea though: a veteran parachuter committed suicide by unhooking his parachute over upstate New York, a husband and wife are dead after an apparent murder-suicide at Lowe’s in North Carolina, Troy Davis was denied his final appeal, and – lastly – a former Afghan president in charge of a government peace council trying to come to a peace agreement with the Taliban was killed in his own home by a suicide bomber who hid an explosive device in his turban.

Oh yeah, and then add the story about volcanic vents off an Italian island giving us a preview of the acidic oceans in our future, and the other one about the deadliest volcano on the planet, located in Indonesia, being ready to explode again.


But then I ran across this:

And that’s how I know we’re all going to be okay.

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