Each time I’ve started thinking about blogging – in this case the act of creating and maintaining a blog itself rather than creating a single blog post – the task seems to feel a bit too daunting. I get into this ugly way of thinking.

Who, other than my close friends and family, would actually read it? What would anyone get out of it? What would the theme be? How could I do [insert theme here] successfully when I don’t have enough to write about that one thing? How can I create a blog where I share my life without sharing too much of my life? How long will this whole blogging phase last anyways? And my personal favorite, There are already so many freaking blogs out there already – dear God, why should anyone add another one?

See? Ugly. But over and over again, when I have some sort of new life experience or read about something interesting or discover The Best Song EVER, etc., etc., etc., TING! A little bell goes off in my head: You should blog about this.

And so with admittedly a little trepidation, I’ve decided to give it my best shot. No, I can’t guarantee I’ll blog every day, but I’ll blog when I can. No, I can’t tell you up front what my theme will be, but if I decide it’s necessary, I’ll try to come up with one. Nope, can’t guarantee myself I’ll ever have a bajillion followers, but I rather like Mighty Girl’s “Famous Among Dozens” self-description, so just a few should do just fine. I guess I can answer one of my daunting questions though. There are so many freaking blogs out there already – dear God, why should anyone add another one? Well, because I enjoy writing.

So here goes!


My husband has decided that I should start blogging. Well, not just start blogging, but start blogging (as I’ve done in the past) and then continue blogging regularly (as I have yet to do successfully so far). Since he wears the pants – only because I prefer the comfort of skirts – I’m going to attempt to indulge him on this one.

Babycakes, this blog entry is for YOU.